Flow Philippines is a social business enterprise that aims to empower and safeguard the health of beneficiary organizations by providing them clean and safe drinking water; and generate self-sufficiency through a water distribution enterprise.

Flow Philippines is a joint social development initiative being undertaken by Water Nexus, World Monitor PTE LTD and De Mem. Water.




Flow Philippines provide hybrid reverse osmosis (RO) units to beneficiary organizations (BO). The RO units are from De Mem, a leading water technology company based in Singapore. By providing De Mem RO unit in the system, Flow Philippines creates a sustainable solution to clean and safe water problem in the country.

Flow Philippines act as the linkage between communities in need of clean water and appropriate funding agencies that are searching for notable social development project. The RO unit is financed by a partner funding organization or Sponsor Corporation.

The beneficiary organizations (BO) are required to contribute program equity by building the RO unit housing, providing accessories and materials for the installation and assure the maintenance of the RO unit.




  • Peggy of Water Nexus
  • Simon Fenley
  • Adrian Yeo, Chief Executive Officer, De.Mem Pte Ltd. Dr. Yeo P.S. obtained his PhD from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and specializes in membrane and sensors technology. Dr Yeo is also currently holding managerial position in MINT and De.MEM. Being one of the founders of MINT, he has acquired in-depth technical knowledge of the water industry. He is competent in water treatment plant system integration and development.
  • Napoleon G. Almonte,